SEA-DROP 850/950 Underwater Video Camera:

The most versatile drop - camera on the planet. Great for fishing, diving, search-and-recovery, documenting your swim or scuba classes, and more.


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Product Description:

SeaViewer's Sea-Drop™ Cameras can include the optional add-on LED lighting - blowing away other alternatives in this class. Of course, Sea-Drops™ continue to incorporate many of the design features and manufacturing processes responsible for the success of the Offshore models, but tailored for those who do not require the advanced high-speed trolling capabilities.

4-1/2 inches in Diameter (not including cable fitting) and 7-1/4 inches long, with a dry-weight of 2-1/2 lbs., the Sea-Drop™ is the most versatile probe on the Planet, - from Deep-Sea exploration to monitoring your Swimming Pool - works with your Monitor or Ours (Complete System).

SeaViewer's latest generation of Remote Camera Systems incorporate many design features and manufacturing processes that have been evolved to overcome specific problems prevalent in other systems - including :

  • Protruding lenses  - when scratched, ruins the image (one good bounce off bottom)
  • Instability (fish-tailing) when trolling or in a current
  • Lack of Weight to get to bottom
  • Intercom (Type CM) cable made for indoor use (HINT: read the Markings on it)
  • Lack of any Hydro-dynamic case design - after all, these are meant for use in water
  • Depth Ratings unsubstantiated by Factory Pressure Chamber Testing
  • Internal Condensation in cold water (bad for image and electronics)
  • Inflated Shipping Costs
  • Non-existant or Toll-Call Customer Support


Demand a Camera/System that has overcome these first-generation problems - a SeaViewer System - with features such as these :

  • ALL SeaViewer cameras are rated to 1,000 feet depth, toughest in their class
  • Factory tested to this Sea-water depth in  pressure chamber
  • Recessed Lens to protect against accidental damage
  • Sea-Serpent™ cable, custom-fabricated for our cameras:
    • Proprietary design, custom-manufactured to SeaViewer's specs
    • Sequential footage printed on outer jacket at 1 foot intervals
    • Extremely flexible and easy to handle (3" bend radius)
    • Thermoplastic elastomer jacket - lab-tested in saltwater for 6 months exposure
    • Tinned-copper, individually-insulated conductors (prevents corrosion)
    • Impedance-matched for superior video quality
    • Kevlar reinforced for 1000 lbs. pull strength
    • 1/4" Outside Diameter
    • polyethylene insulated for durability and flexibility
  • Inert-Gas filled electronics compartment (prevents condensation in cold water)
  • Multiple Hydro-Dynamic innovations for better stability - see the SPECS page in SUPPORT for details and pictures.
  • Infra-red light emitters - get an image in absolute darkness (optional)
  • Superior optical specs
  • FEEL the quality just by picking up the probe !
  • Full 1-year factory warranty !
  • Best Quality Assurance program available anywhere
  • Toll-Free Ordering AND Support - Before AND After Your Purchase !


  • Our exclusive patented lens -
    - 67% stronger (rated to 1000' Depth), deeper recess, fluted for less water resistance
  • Wide-angle lens, deepest recess in the industry to protect against accidents
  • Exclusive Voltage Smoothing Circuitry (VSC) added for longest electronics life
  • Heavy-duty, sturdy body for durability and negative buoyancy (rated to 1000 feet depth)
  • Inert Gas-filled electronics compartment (prevents condensation in cold water)
  • 850 Series (B&W) can see Infra-red light
  • 950 Series (Color) provides quality COLOR images. Also can see Infra-red light

    The 950 Sea-Drop™ camera probes provide the same quality images to the surface, B&W (850 Series) or COLOR (950 Series)

  • Sea-Serpent™ Marine Cable - preferred by Broadcasters for image quality at the surface

Read about technical specifications

» Read more about technical specifications

Should I purchase a Black and White or a COLOR camera ?

Human instinct invariably leans toward color images as opposed to Black & White - Everyone wants to see colors. In the past, Black & White cameras in this class typically had a higher resolution than their Color Camera counterparts. Nowadays, this is no longer true since our exclusive Color Cameras have a resolution of 520 TVL (TV Lines) versus 420 TVL for the Black & White. Both can see infra-red light (assuming an infra-red light source is shining on the underwater subject), although the Black & White camera is admittedly more sensitive to it. In addition Black & White cameras, in times past, typically offered better light-sensitivity, so they could see better in very low-light conditions. But SeaViewer has also recently negated this difference with the development of our Day/Night Color Camera - which switches from Color to Black and White automatically when ambient light levels become too low to detect good color. This is now a standard feature of our Color Cameras.

Further, both our Black and White and Color Cameras can be enhanced by the addition of the Underwater light options, which are available in either infra-red (Special Order) or Super-Bright visible white light varieties. Because of all of our technical advances above, we now recommend our Color Camera for all applications except a few specialized instances discussed below. When you consider that we've managed to keep the pricing of our Color Cameras equivalent to the Black & White, it becomes a no-brainer for most customers to decide between the two.

There may be technical uses (industrial, government, construction) where a Black & White grey-scale image is preferred to a color image. It is only in these special applications where Black & White may be preferred. Also, in certain marine biology applications, the optional Underwater lights may be preferred using infra-red instead of visible white light - to minimize the disturbance of marine life. With its slightly better infra-red detection capability, the Black & White camera may be preferred in this instance. But it is only in the foregoing cases where we would advise anything other than a Color Camera and the Super-Bright white visible Underwater lights option, if auxiliary lighting is desired.

COLOR CONSIDERATIONS UNDERWATER: Remember that even in perfectly clear water, below depths of about 60 feet, much of the color spectrum will be absorbed by the water itself, even on sunny days. The reds and yellows will be lost first, leaving you with a blue/green-tinted image. This is true even for a scuba diver at these depths. You will still get a picture, but the colors may be washed out. A similar effect can be found even at shallower depths in murky water or on overcast days. If most of your applications will be under these conditions, the Black & White unit may fill your needs just as well as a color unit. To help mitigate this effect of Mother Nature, we would advise a Color Camera along with the Internal version of our Super-Bright white LED Underwater lights, if auxiliary lighting is desired.

The SEA-DROP sytem is proposed in 2 different configurations (STANDARD or COMPLETE kit) for you to choose.

STANDARD KIT 850/950 Sea-Drop™

STANDARD KIT 850/950 Sea-Drop™
Video Camera (Standard Accessories - no Monitor) includes :

  • B&W or Color camera probe (both Infra-red and low-light capable)
  • 50 feet Sea-Serpent™ Cable, custom fabricated
  • Sea-Tail™ - attachable for looking forward
  • Cable hand spool
  • Cable clips (for combining video cable to tether line if desired)
  • 110-240 Volt AC (50/60 Hz) power Adapter
  • 12 VDC cigarette-lighter power Adapter
  • 3/4" - 1" pole attachment
  • Hard Carrying/Storage Case to hold all of the above
  • Must connect to a display for viewing:
    - can connect to Video-IN Jack of your Monitor / VCR / Camcorder
    - or one of our monitors HERE


Sea-drop camera Complete system

COMPLETE KIT 850/950 Sea-Drop™ 
Video Camera WITH 7"Monitor includes:

  • ALL of the items in the Standard Accessories KIT, plus . . .
  • * 7" portable Monitor (Option of 10" Monitor also available)
  • Larger Hard Carrying/Storage Case to hold all of the above

* For this configuration, please make sure to mark the Checkbox to include the 7" Monitor when ordering the camera HERE.



Seaviewer also allows you to build YOUR OWN SEA-DROP SYSTEM according to your individual or personal specifications by customizing even further the SEA-DROP systems with added accessories like the following:

Custom Sea-Serpent™ cable lengths up to 1000' (over 50' - ADD $2.00/ft, plus $100 if over 300', allow 2 weeks build-time) [Standard Sea-Serpent, Great Lakes Model™ features 50' of cable] ■Underwater lights powerful LED bulbs (either attached to camera or on it's own cable) - Can be purchased separately - ■PAL Video Standard Cameras for use with equipment made for outside North America ■Sea-Track™ GPS Video Overlay - $375.00 ■Sea-DVR :Mini Digital Video Recorder

Build the PERFECT SEA-DROP SYSTEM to meet your needs. Customize

Underwater lights bright-White or Infrared

SeaViewer's latest innovation for it's Year 2012 line, the Model 21 and Model 42 Underwater lights , for use with B&W or COLORCameras.  Available in two configurations:

  • SEPARATE Model 42- with it's own cable, can be added to any existing Sea-Drop™ or Offshore™ Camera.
  • INTERNAL Model 21- hard-mounted inside NEW Sea-Drop™ or Offshore™ Camera, both on the same single cable.
Sea-Trak GPS Overlay moitors Coordinants and Headings while viewing your monitor

Perfect for continuously monitoring your coordinates and heading while viewing your camera images. Just as easily permanently overlays this data on your VCR tape images.
Connects between the camera and your VCR or TV.
Provides continuous overlay of data from your GPS onto the scene your are viewing. Available in NTSC (North American Broadcast) and PAL Video Standards.

Sea - DVR: Digital Video Recorder

Here is one of the worlds smallest hard-drive based Digital Video Recorders. It breaks new ground in performance, price and size. At only 8” X 4-1/2” X 1” and 20 ounces, it is significantly smaller and lighter than the clamshell design tape-based units. It records near-DVD quality MPEG-4 video and high fidelity stereo audio when connected to any standard video and audio source. The 80 gigabyte model will record up to 1 week of video and audio!

Sea-Serpent Custom Marine Cable

Most SeaViewer Cameras come with a standard cable length of 50 feet.   You may have an application that requires more cable length.

Longer cable lengths may be ordered as an option in 50' increments up to 1000' total, for $2.00/ft, plus $100 if over 300'. Allow 2 weeks build-time.

NOTE: Cable MUST be ordered at time of initial purchase (cannot be added later).

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The SEA-DROP underwater video camera is the most versatile drop - camera on the planet. Great for fishing, diving, search-and-recovery, documenting your swim or scuba classes, and more.

  1. Dropping straight down in the water.
  2. Trolling near bottom looking forward or backward.
  3. Underwater structure, tank or pipe inspection.
  4. Hand-carried by a Diver.
  5. Lowered and manipulated with a pole from the surface.
  6. Mounted in pools or virtually any other location for semi-permanent monitoring.

Waterproof underwater video camera SEA-DROP used at the bottom of the ocean

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